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Zoey Redbird, a normal 16-year-old girl has been Marked as a fledgling, a Vampyre-in-training. However, it is instantly clear that she is not the average fledgling. She has a filled in crescent moon on her forehead, which happens when a vampyre completes the Change (the others are just the moon outline). Zoey is admitted to the House of Night, a Vampyre finishing school and quickly finds a group of friends- Damien, an extremely nice and intelligent gay guy, Stevie Rae, the country girl who is her roommate and becomes her best friend, and Erin and Shaunee, best friends who are freakishly alike even though they are of different backgrounds (nicknamed "The Twins").
Zoey also meets a High Priestess in Training, Aphrodite, who is pretty, mean, and the queen of the social scene. Aphrodite invites Zoey to join the Dark Daughters, an 'invitation-only' group run by Aphrodite. Zoey is forced to go to their meeting and begins to experience blood-lust, something that is more common among older fledglings and Vampyres. Zoey freaks out after this discovery and runs out of the Dark Daughters meeting, running into her human ex-boyfriend, Heath, whom she accidentally imprints on after drinking from him. Later, Zoey realizes that she can control the five elements (air, fire, water, earth, and spirit), at the goddess' ritual. This makes Zoey even more special as her goddess, Nyx, usually grants only one or two abilities to special individuals. Zoey also becomes acquainted with Aphrodite's ex-boyfriend, Erik Night, further igniting the strife between Zoey and Aphrodite; who believes Zoey just wants to steal everything she has. At the book's conclusion, Aphrodite's bad intentions cause a Dark Daughters ritual to go awry; she accidentally summons negative spirits who attack Heath. Zoey, Damien, the Twins, and Stevie Rae perform a circle and summon the five elements to drive the spirits away. Neferet comes and wipes an unconsious Heath's memory, and she then strips Aphrodite of her title of the Leader of the Dark Daughters and High Priestess in Training and gives it to Zoey - whose mark is now extended around her bangs, which, again, only happens to adult vampyres showing again she is unique.

Several crucial scenes in Betrayed and other volumes take place at these outdoor tables (in rear of photo) outside the Starbucks in Utica Square, Tulsa
In the series' second novel, Zoey has managed to settle in at the House of Night. She has become the leader of the Dark Daughters, and she discovers that her friends each have an affinity for one of the elements (Damien- Air; Shaunee- Fire; Erin- Water; and Stevie Rae- Earth). She and Aphrodite continue their animosity towards one another, and Stevie Rae dies after rejecting the Change in Zoey's arms. When some football players are kidnapped and killed, Zoey discovers that Stevie Rae became another kind of fledgling, reflecting the change in Stevie Rae's soul. It is discovered that some of the other past fledglings that were thought to be dead are living in the underground tunnels of Tulsa. They too changed and they all must make a choice to take their humanity over the evil that has now pervaded their hearts. Jack- a new fledgling who becomes Damien's boyfriend- is introduced in this novel. When Zoey rescues Heath from Stevie Rae and the other ex-fledgings, Neferet puts a spell on Zoey and Heath, causing them to forget about what happened. Zoey then calls upon the elements to help her remember what happened, and they help her remember/discover what Neferet really is. Heath however, does not remember the past nights events.

Zoey and Aphrodite join together in a struggle to keep Stevie Rae's humanity. In the meantime, Zoey's ominous feelings about Neferet prove to be founded and the two become enemies. Further complications arise in Zoey's love life. Though she is now dating Erik, Professor Loren Blake successfully seduces Zoey. Zoey has sex with Loren and imprints with him, effectively breaking her imprint with Heath, causing him great physical pain and causing her breakup with Erik, who witnessed the event after he Changed into a Vampyre. She later realizes that Loren had tricked her into revealing her secretive information on the command of Neferet. As Zoey got closer to Loren, she became more secretive and isolated from her friends, and eventually turns to Aphrodite for help, unexpectedly becoming allies. Aphrodite has terrifying visions of the future, and Professors Nolan and Blake are murdered. After the murders, the Sons of Erebus, Vampyre warriors, are called to the House of Night for protection. Aphrodite loses her Mark and becomes human once more, but in the process helps Stevie Rae become the first ever Red Vampyre. Aphrodite flees the school after her mark disappears. When Damien, Jack, and the Twins discover that Zoey has been keeping secrets from them, they turn on her, leaving her at the end of the book with no friends but Aphrodite and Stevie Rae.

Zoey tries to make up with her friends while simultaneously trying to figure out what exactly is going on at the House of Night. Former enemies, Zoey and Aphrodite start becoming friends, and Zoey reunites with her old friends by explaining why she didn't reveal her past secrets. With the approval of Shekinah, the high priestess of all vampyres who is temporarily in Tulsa, Zoey and Aphrodite decide to connect the House of Night with the outside world, and begin a relationship with Street Cats, a cat shelter/pet store run by Catholic nuns. Despite an uneasy start, Zoey soon develops a friendship with the sisters. Aphrodite has a vision where Zoey dies...twice. Meanwhile, Zoey soon becomes overwhelmed by her burgeoning feelings for a new transfer student, James Stark, and her unresolved feelings for ex-boyfriend and now new temporary professor, Erik. Zoey begins to bond with Stark only to be quickly crushed when his body rejects the Change and he dies in her arms.He then comes back as one of Neferet's evil red fledglings. Zoey discovers that Stevie Rae is not what she used to be, and learns about the true evil of Neferet's newest ally, Kalona. Raven Mockers, Kalona's sons, cause Zoey's grandmother, Sylvia Redbird, to get into a serious car accident, which puts her into a coma. Aphrodite, who had temporarily been given Stevie Rae's earth affinity for safekeeping, loses the affinity, and when she and Zoey reveal this, along with her newfound humanity and the secret of the red fledglings during a schoolwide cleansing ritual, Neferet kills Shekinah, orders Stark to shoot Stevie Rae and make her bleed, and unleashes Kalona from the Earth. Startled by this unexpected turn of events, Zoey, her friends, Erik, and the red fledglings all escape the school and go into hiding underground. Zoey and her friends then prepare for a fight against evil with the help of their goddess, Nyx, and Zoey gains another tattoo in her palms.

The series' fifth novel. Neferet and Kalona become lovers, and Kalona starts getting into Zoey's dreams in his attempts to seduce her. Zoey, her friends, and the red fledglings hide in Tulsa's Prohibition tunnels while trying to save the school. Darius(a Son of Erebus) and Aphrodite fall in love, and Aphrodite gets closer to Zoey. Zoey gets her friends back, but Stevie Rae denies the truth about the red fledglings saying nice things about them in addition to accidentally imprinting with Aphrodite while drinking her blood to save her own life. When Zoey is attacked by a raven mocker and has a near brush with death, she is forced to go back to the House of Night, where Neferet reluctantly heals her upon Kalona's insistence. The friends are not happy, though; Kalona's presence has caused the fledglings and the vampyres to turn their backs on Nyx. Zoey successfully persuades Stark to turn back to the good side. He becomes the second Red Vampyre when he pledges his Warrior's Oath to Zoey. Later, Zoey and her friends escape from the House of Night and flee to the abbey of the Benedictine nuns. With the help of Sister Mary Angela and Grandma Redbird, Zoey bainishes Neferet and Kalona from Tulsa and hopes she and her friends will get a break, but after one of Aphrodite's visions it doesn't look that way.

The sixth novel in the series. Zoey continues to fight against her connection to Kalona while becoming closer to Heath and Stark. Zoey also breaks up with the possesive Erik who, a day later, starts flirting with Venus, one of the red fledglings and Aphrodite's ex-roommate. Stevie Rae confesses about the existence of other red fledglings to Zoey, but unfortunately refrains from revealing her newest secret, that she is harboring a wounded Raven Mocker, Rephaim. Rephaim had also killed Dragon's partner, Anastasia, because Rephaim's last order before he and his brothers followed Zoey and his friends was to slit her throat. Stevie Rae's life is put in jeopardy when she loses control of the bad red fledglings. The red fledglings had planned to kill Stevie Rae, and she walked right into their plan. Stevie Rae was trapped in the sunlight and was burning. Rephaim helped her get to safety and let her drink his blood which created an imprint between them, and broke her imprint with Aphrodite. Meanwhile, Zoey and her friends travel to Italy to fight against Kalona and Neferet, who are trying to convince the Vampyre High Council Neferet is Nyx reincarnated and Kalona is Erebus come to earth, and that they should be in full power. During their stay, Heath, who Zoey is imprinted with, is killed by Kalona. Zoey tries to save Heath but is too late in doing so, which makes her soul shatter and the pieces roam the other world while her body breathes soulless in the real world.

Much of Burned takes place on the Inner Hebrides island named Isle of Skye in an ancient castle like this one in northwest Skye, Dunvegan Castle.
Zoey`s soul has shattered and has gone to the Otherworld due to Kalona killing Zoey's human Consort, Heath. For Zoey to get her shattered soul complete again, Stark must find a way to travel to the Otherworld without dying and save his High Priestess. The narrative mode is told from multiple points of view in third-person limited (including Stark's, Kalona's, Aphrodite's, Heath's, Rephaim's, and Stevie Rae's) and first-person narrative in Zoey's point of view, just like the previous book.
Zoey is stuck in the Otherworld. Her friends are desperately trying to find a way to save her as she slowly starts fading away. Aphrodite is able to say that her soul isn't in her after praying to their goddess, Nyx, for the sister she never had (Zoey), and discovering that her visions had something to do with the Otherworld. After some research into ancient-forgotten vampyre legends and religion, they find out about the eternal struggle between Light and Darkness personified by a Black Bull and a White Bull respectively. Stevie Rae and Rephaim together figure out that Neferet has imprisoned Kalona's body in this realm using Darkness and sent his spirit to the Otherworld to ensure that Zoey does not put the shattered pieces of her soul together and stays trapped in the Otherworld.
Zoey's friends discover, from ancient scrolls, that to travel to the Otherworld without dying they need to know more about forgotten ancient beliefs regarding the two bulls. Stevie Rae accidentally summons the White Bull, which is basically Darkness personified, to find a way for Stark to enter the Otherworld. It tells her a poem about how it's possible, but almost kills her as payment for that knowledge. Rephaim saves her at the last minute by offering himself. Stevie Rae summons the Black Bull and saves them both at the price of always staying connected to Rephaim's humanity. Since she survives, Stevie Rae is able to pass on the poem with the way to the Otherworld to Aphrodite.
Stark is overjoyed to find a way to help Zoey, and according to the poem goes to the Isle of Women also known as the Isle of Skye to find Sgaich, an ancient Warrior who can help him enter the Otherworld. He undertakes a perilous journey to the Otherworld where he slays his Warrior self to become a Shaman and thus reach Zoey. Stark convinces Heath that he has to leave Zoey and move on so that she, in turn, can move on and save the world from Kalona and Neferet.
Meanwhile, Stevie Rae is having huge problems of her own. She is trying to hide the existence of Rephaim from the red fledglings, and at the same time she seems to be developing feelings for him. Stevie Rae struggles with being Bonded to Rephaim and tries to gets Dallas to have sex with her to break the bond. However, Rephaim feels what is happening and tries to stop her from abandoning him. Finding out that Stevie Rae has been keeping Rephaim a secret infuriates Dallas, and he lets Darkness come into him and becomes the third Red Vampyre, though he is evil and not good, like Stark and Stevie Rae. He nearly kills both Stevie Rae and Rephaim using his affinity for Electricity, but they escape.
In the Otherworld, Heath moves on and tells a devastated Zoey that they will meet again in his next life. Afterwards, Kalona and Stark engage in a dangerous fight. When Zoey sees this she realizes that she needs to pull herself together, and she pulls the pieces of her shattered soul back together. Before she can intervene, Kalona manages to kill Stark (again). Zoey attacks Kalona and manages to overpower him. She demands that he pay up the life debt he owes her for killing her Consort by bringing Stark back to life. When Kalona refuses, Nyx intervenes causing Kalona to share a part of his immortality with Stark and bring him back to life. Zoey fully accepts him as her Guardian and lets him drink from her so he could heal, the elements fill her again and all her tattoos come back. Both Stark and Zoey manage to get out of the Otherworld safely.
Rephaim and Stevie Rae are together and finally seem to be starting a relationship when they feel Kalona and Zoey come back into this realm. Rephaim says that his heart has never mattered enough, and Stevie Rae says that he should come back to her when his heart is as important to him as it is to her.
At the end of the story, Zoey comes back from the other world before Stark and then brings his soul back to his body in the real world, and Zoey tells Stark that it's all over. She hears Nyx laugh and say that "it's only just begun."

St. Martin's set the release date for this book as January 4, 2011 and issued a very short summary of the book's beginning. Summary: At the start of Awakened, the pulse-pounding eighth installment of the bestselling House of Night series, Zoey has returned, mostly whole, from the Otherworld to her rightful place as High Priestess at the House of Night. Her friends are just glad to have her back, but after losing her human consort, Heath, will Zoey - or her relationship with her super-hot Warrior, Stark - ever be the same? Stevie Rae is drawn even closer to Rephaim, the Raven Mocker with whom she shares a mysterious and powerful Imprint, but he is a dangerous secret that isolates her from her school, her red fledglings, and even her best friends. When the dark threat of Neferet - who is coming closer and closer to achieving her twisted goal of immortality - and Kalona returns, what will it take to keep the House of Night from being lost forever, and what will one desperate girl do to keep her heart from being irreparably broken?


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